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Writing Soundtrack

So lately I have been writing mostly short stories and writing bits and pieces of novellas that I plan to finish one day. When I write I  like to listen to music out loud, and drink hot beverages like chocolate milk or earl grey tea. I find this funny though because most writers can’t concentrate when music is playing in the background. For some reason though, music actually helps me write. So here’s a few albums I listen to when I write. I usually listen to alternative and folk music.

1. Bleed American by Jimmy Eat World

I know this is probably one of Jimmy Eat World’s most overrated album. Although, I can’t help it, I love how “happy” it sounds. I love the fast, catchy, pop punk songs and the sweet little ballads. Bleed American also has a good equal balance between ballads and rock songs. Occasionally I do like to delve into pop punk even though a lot of people seem to hate it now.

2. Finders Keepers by 8mm Sky

Post-rock is just the perfect soundtrack for everything.

3. Any album by Nick Drake

Nick tells stories by sitting with a guitar and singing. Another reason why I love his music.

4. Smoke Ring For Halo by Kurt Vile

For some reason I find his folk songs to be really relaxing. His music is also perfect for the winter season.

5. 讓我想一想 (Let Me Think Twice) by Cheer Chen

Another relaxing folk album. It seems to bittersweet sound to it.

6. Either/Or by Elliott Smith

Again, another relaxing folk album.

7. Oceania by The Smashing Pumpkins

This album is amazing, I love the synthesizers. It’s pretty addictive.

8. The Alcatraz Kid by Jeremy Messersmith

This guy is pretty cool, if you like Elliott Smith then I highly recommend him. His songs are very sweet and emotional.

9. Lots of post-rock and Neoclassical music like Ólafur Arnalds or Explosions in the Sky.

10. Any albums by Joe Hisaishi or Ryuichi Sakamoto

If I go any longer, this list would go on forever. Oh, I forgot, I will also include The Bends by Radiohead.


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