-tsukihana- by Nana Kitade


1. -tsukihana-

2. Kagami no kuni Aria

3. Manon

4. -tsukihana- (Jigoku Shoujo Mistuganae Opening ver.)

5. -tsukihana- instrumental

Nana Kitade is a Japanese rock musician known for her Gothic Lolita fashion. “-tsukihana-” is her 12th single and is featured on her last album “Bondage”. She formed a band called Loveless a few months after “Bondage” ( Bondage was released in 2009). “Tsukihana” is one of my favorite songs by Nana Kitade, it’s probably one of the few songs by Nana that I actually like. Nana Kitade is indeed a very talented musician but her only flaw is her singing which she seems to have a hard time controlling. Tsukihana is a very catchy rock song that starts off slowly and speeds up as the chorus comes in. The lyrics are pretty sad when you read the translation and it fits the Jigoku Shoujo anime very well (the anime is also known as Hell Girl). Nana Kitade sings in a whispery and almost lonesome sounding voice in the verse but in the chorus, she seems to lose control and sings with rather a shaky sound. Despite her shaky singing, it is still a wonderful song and it never seems to get old. “Kagami no kuni” is also another solid rock song, but this song is a lot harder and darker than -tsukihana-. The song has an overall creepy and hard rock sound to it and Nana’s voice is pretty good until the chorus where she seems to produce high pitched yells. I’m not going to go into any detail about “Manon” because it’s a pretty typical pop rock song for Nana. But nonetheless, -tsukihana- is a pretty solid single that I can listen to without getting sick of it. By the way guys, I’m typing this post on my itouch, for some reason I find this more comfortable than typing on my computer despite the autocorrect. I also get it done faster!